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Visit Medan, NOW!

Why Medan?
As the capital of North Sumatra, Medan is located at 3o30' — 3o-43' Northern Latitude and 98o35' — 9o844' Eastern Longitude. The city is bordered by Deli Serdang Regency to the east, south, and west, and the Strait of Malacca to the north.

Medan has a very unique culture blend, which consists of Batak, Javanese, Chinese, Indian, Minang and other minor ethnics such as Sunda and Madura.

Each of them has their own speciality in providing delicious food, for example, Javanese offers locals and tourists its Javanese cuisine, and in the other hand, Chinese offers Chinese noodles which is spicy but delicious.

Medan is well known for its delicious dishes, amongst the tourists and Indonesians. They are all available 24-hours a day, 7-days a week. So, what are you waiting for? Visit Medan, Now!

Brief History of Medan
Medan was originally found as a village, which known as Kampung Medan (Medan Village). Kampung Medan was founded by Guru Patimpus.
Kampung Medan took place on Tanah Deli (Land of Deli), and because of that, it was also recognized as Medan-Deli. But after the age of Independence, the word of Medan Deli is no longer used to mention Medan.

Medan had been a meeting place for people from Hamparan Perak, Stabat, Suka Piring and other places for ages, they usually gathered for trading, and gambling.
When it was founded in 1590, Medan was just a small village called Medan Putri, and because it was located in a strategic location, which is on the meeting point of the rivers Deli and Babura. Both rivers was a crowded trading routes, so that Medan Putri village, which is the foundation of Medan City, grows rapidly and transform into a very important harbor and well known as transit port for traders who come from all over the world.
The Dutch governed Tanah Deli from 1658, after Sultan Ismail, ruler of the Kingdom of Siak Sri Indrapura, yielded some of his once-ruled land, Deli, Langkat, and Serdang.
Huge progress didn’t happen to Medan until the 1860s, when the Dutch colonialists began clearing the land for tobacco plantations. Tobacco plantation was one of the factors that leads Medan to the huge progress.

Deli tobacco was known as the best tobacco for cigars wrap. In March 1864 the harvested tobacco was shipped to Rotterdam, Holland. This success encouraged J. Nienhuys in 1869, to open new tobacco plantation in Martubung, Sunggal (1869), Sungai Beras and Klumpang (1875) until there are approximately 22 plantation company on 1874. As time went by, Medan Putri village quickly became a center of government and commercial activity, dominating development of Indonesia's western region, it grew busier and more crowded and developed with a better known name as Medan City.

In 1915 Medan officially became the capital of North Sumatera Province, and officially a city in 1918.

Medan is famous because..
a. It is the third biggest city in Indonesia after Jakarta and Surabaya

b. It’s a “New Metropolitan City”
Medan received Adipura Award for Metropolitan City Category from Indonesia President, Megawati Soekarnoputri on June 7, 2004.

c. It has Medan Trishaw (Becak Medan), which has two kinds of trishaw, machine and without machine

d. It’s Parijs Van Sumatera
City of Medan especially Kesawan square has called as parijs Van Sumatera from European.

Medan Map!

Medan Barat Laut:

* Medan Helvetia

* Medan Barat

* Medan Sunggal

* Medan Baru & Petisah

Medan Timur Laut

* Medan Perjuangan

* Medan Tembung

* Medan Maimun

* Medan Area

Medan Barat Daya

* Setia Budi

* Padang Bulan

* Medan Tuntungan

* Kuala Bekala

Medan Tenggara

* Medan Polonia

* Medan Amplas

* Kedai Durian

* Sisingamangaraja

How to get there?
a. By plane
Polonia International Airport (MES) is known as Medan’s International airport.

Points of considerations:
- The journey from Polonia International Airport to the city will t
ake approximately 15 minutes.
- The domestic departure taxes cost Rp 25,000
- The international departure taxes cost Rp 100,000
- ATM machines are only at the domestic terminal, which is separated from the international terminal
- For domestic flights out of Medan, the airport’s staff will only check passengers’ passport and tickets
- There is no moneychanger for currency other than USD in the airport

For destinations within Indonesia, there are direct flights to other cities.

Here are some local airlines as your considerations:
a. AirAsia –
b. Adam Air Airlines (KI) – www.flyadamair.com - +6261 4551999/7349999/4146999
c. Garuda Indonesia (GA) –
www.garuda-indonesia.com - +6261 4556777 / 0807-1-807-807
d. Mandala Airlines (RI) - +6261 4579100 / 4534337
e. Lion Air -
f. Merpati Nusantara (MZ) - +6261 4551888
g. Malaysia Airlines System (MAS) +6261 4514300 / Fax 4147400
h. Silkair (MI)+6261 4537744 / 4147196 / 4511266

Polonia International Airport is located in the heart of the city. Kuala Namu International Airport is a new airport under construction and is due to replace Polonia in 2009.

b. By bus
There are 2 types of bus in Medan:
1. Non air-contitioned buses
2. Air-conditioned luxury buses
Many of the air-conditioned buses offer overnight routes.

Amplas Station is the central station for buses in Medan. In this station, we can find a lot of smaller minivans, it is also recognized as a place where travellers to make an arrangement to go to other cities, or make connercting buses to further cities.

If we take a trip by overnight luxury bus, it will take approximately Rp 50.000-Rp 80.000. Small snack will be provided, and sometimes there are also televisions.
A toll highway connects Medan to Belawan and Tanjungmorawa. A plan for the extension of this highway to Tebing Tinggi and to Binjai has been completed, and the central government is currently seeking investors to build the extension.

c. By boat
Medan is not located by the sea but Belawan, which is is a major port with domestic and international boat and ferry services. Belawan is listed as a visa-free and visa-on-arrival entry point. The seaport of Belawan is about 20 km to the north.

What do you need?

All visitors to Indonesia must have passport valid for at least six months beyond their intended length of stay, together with proof of onward passage in the form of either a return or connecting tickets.

Automatic two-month tourist visas are currently issued on arrival for nationals of Argentina, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Brunei, Canada, Chile, Denmark, Eqypt, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Kuwait, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Malaysia, Malta, Morocco, Mexico, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Philippines, Singapore, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Saudi Arabia, Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey, United Kingdom (Great Britain), United States of America, United Emirate Arab, Venezuela and Yugoslavia.

About the Airport
Medan’s Domestic flights Airport is side by side with the international flights airport. But to reach the International flight airport, you literally have to walk too as there is no skytrain or bus transfer. But, good news for you, Medan Airport is moving to Kuala Namu soon.

Polonia Airport provides the flight passangers who have a credit card issued by Indonesia Banks or Foreign Banks (be it Citibank or HSBC, if it is issued in Indonesia, you can use it to access the airport lounge for FREE), so you can make use of the airport lounge inside without paying anything. They serve food, drinks and internet access in the lounge. If you have a laptop and need internet access, you may ask the “key - password” from the counter to access the wifi connection.

But what’s so special about this lounge service?
In Polonia, with only a credit card you can use the facilities free of charge. Other airport lounges need you to be members of exclusive club or airlines club that you have to pay or have collected lots of points to obtain.

There are two airport lounges in the domestic, if you chose the newer/smaller one on the right side of the terminal (beside entrance), you will get to board the flights directly from the lounge without having to queue. A small bus will take you to the plane. You can even check in from there and pay your airport tax at the lounge counter, saving you the time and hassle of queuing up to purchase airport tax and then to the check in counter - oh by the way this only applies if you do not have check in luggage.

But, this lounge is smaller than the main lounge inside the main terminal, but it cozier, as not many people know about it.
Other facilities in the lounge:
2 PCs with internet connection in the international terminal. Not many people are aware of this as it is hidden in a corner near the restrooms.

How to get around in Medan?
a. By rail
We called train as “Kereta Api” in Bahasa Indonesia.
We can be connected to Medan (Mdn), Rantau Prapat (Rap), Siantar (Sir), Binjai (Bij), Tanjung Balai (Tnb) and Tebing Tinggi (Tbi) by rail.
And here is the train schedule, make sure that you only use it as your guide. You need to contact the train stations for more detailed information and confirmation of the time.

Contact Medan Train Stations and Ticketing:
Medan Central Station +6261 4514114
Rantau Prapat Central Station +62624-21617
Train Ticket Reservations +6261 4148666

There are two kinds of train services, they are business and economy class. The business class train is more expensive for economy class train, for sure, but it is much more comfortable.

Railroad tracks connect Medan to Binjai and Tanjungpura to the northwest, to port of Belawan to the north, and to Tebing Tinggi and Pematang Siantar to the southeast.

b. By becak
Becak is also known as trishaws or pedicabs. If you want to ride on Becak, you should negotiate the price first. You can get a good price if we negotiate well. The price is usually depend on the destination (whether it is near or far).
The becak drivers can drive us to the right place, eventhough they can’t speak english.

One of the unique features of Medan are the motorized becaks that are found almost everywhere. Unlike traditional becaks, a motorized becak can take its passenger anywhere in the city

c. By taxi
Taxi is more comfortable than becak, especially when it is raining, or when the weather is too hot. Be careful of picking up a taxi. Try to pick taxi from a reliable place such in front of malls, shopping centres or airport.

d. By bus
We don’t suggest to travel by bus for travellers, though they have fixed price from one destination to other destinations and that signify their routes. It will be much better if you can speak Bahasa Indonesia, because it can help you while giving and receiving information from the driver or local people.

You can ask the locals which bus number leads to your destination, how how much the price. When a van with the appropriate number approaches, flag them down as they don't make scheduled stops.

How to get out from Medan?
For foreigners, be prepared to fill a form with your name and passport details stating that you’re not a citizen or KITAS holder.

You have to prepare passport and boarding pass too, so that it can be checked by the officials. Be sure that you listen carefully to all announcements.

What’s up in Medan?
Don’t know a place to go in Medan?
No need to worry, there are a lot of places to go if you come to Medan.
Such as:
· Istana Maimun
· Mesjid Raya
· Museum
· Bangunan Peninggalan Tjong A Fie
· Penangkaran Buaya
· Kebun Binatang
· Kampung Nelayan

And there are another amazing places around Medan that u wouldn’t want to miss.

Such as:

· Danau Toba
· Samosir Island
· Berastagi
· Bukit Lawang
· Pantai Cermin
· Danau Lau Kawar
· Tongging

So you better don’t miss it. It would be a pleasant experience that you don’t want to miss it for life. And now, let see more detail the story about the places.

First stop Istana Maimun
When you see this place, the first time you’ll imagine is the building that dominated by yellow colors. You’ll see yellow colors a lot if you come to this place. But there is not just about yellow colors but there’s a history behind this beautiful place. Inside Maimun palace there are familt photograph, furnishings and old weapons. This Maimun palace was the legacy of the Deli Sultanate and it was established by Sultan Deli, Sultan Makmun Al Rasyid Perkasa Alamsyah. It was located in Brigjen Katamso Street, Medan.

The designer was an Italia architect, and finished in 1888. The palace covers 2.772 m2 and has 40 rooms. The palace consisted of two floors that were divided into three parts, which is the main building, the left wing, and the right wing. In the guest room as known as Balairung you will encounter the throne that was dominated by the yellow color as well as the building it self. Crystal lights lighted the throne, a form of influence of European culture and it appeared as well in the seat, table, toilet, the cupboard and the door headed to Balairung.

The room 412 m2 was used for the coronation agenda of sultan Deli or the other traditional agenda and it also used as the place where the Sultan received praised from his relatives and family in Islam holidays. Maimun Palace has become a tourist destination, not solely because of age but also because of the unique interior design of the palace, that mixing elements of Malayan culutural heritage, Islam, Spanish, Indian, and Italian style.

Mesjid Raya

This great mosque was another of the Sultan Deli legacies in North Sumatera. This mosque was still being utilized by the Muslim community to pray everyday. Some of the building materials for this mosque decoration were made in Italy. This great mosque is visited by foreign tourist from various countries all over the world. This Great mosque is the most beautiful and biggest mosque in north Sumatra.

This mosque was built in 1906 by Sultan Makmun Al Rasyid. It located only approximately 200 m from the Maimun Palace. The mosque special architecture was inspired by the Moorish style. The dome of the Al Ma’sum mosque that had flat and guadrangle shape also in the peak of the roof has the usual cresent moon decoration. The towe that according to the experts often were connected as the symbol of peacefulness, where Islam was broadcasted without violance


There is some museum in Medan. Which is :
a. The North Sumatran

The museum was located in HM. Joni Street No. 15, Medan. It was opened in April 1982 by the Minister of Education and Culture Dr. Daoed Joesoef. The North Sumatran museum is open in Tuesday to Thursday from 08.00 to 16.00 and Friday to Sunday from 08.00 to 15.30. You can take photographs, study and learn about culture and the object of the North Sumatran history. You can take taxi, Becak/Pedicab or the Public City Transport to get there.
The Bukit Barisan Museum was opened on June 21, 1971 by Brigade General Leo Lopulisa. It’s located in H. Zainul Arifin Street No. 8, Medan 20152. The Bukit Barisan Museum is a military museum, it kept several historic weapons including the weapon that was utilized in the struggle for independence and the revolt in North Sumatra during 1958.

b. The Rahmat Museum & International wild animal Gallery

Was the only museum in Asia that had approximately 600 species of fauna collection from various countries, and has recorded in Record Book and accepted the International appreciation in conservation field for animal conservation. There are various wild animal collections from the smallest to the biggest. In here we will enjoy the beauty of the nature and the diversity of the animal from difference places in the world, like Elephants, Rhinoceros, Lions, Buffalos, African Leopards, and various wolf species that will give you a special impression. The Rahmat Museum & International wild animal gallery is located in S. Parman street No. 309, Medan. It open on Tuesday to Sunday from 09.00-17.00. You can also open the homepage at www

Tjong A Fie Legacy Building

Tjong A Fie was the Chinese Major in Medan and a first millionaire in Sumatra. Although he has died in 1921, but his name is still being recalled in the Medan city until now. In 1870 Tjong A Fie and his older brother Tjong Yong Hian left the Moy Hian Village, in Canton (China) to travel to Tanah Deli as the contract labors in the Tobacco plantation. These brothers were very good at seeing business opportunities. When they stay in the Labuhan Deli capital they opened a shop named Ban Yun Tjong. Tjong A Fie knew true requirement for the Chinese labors and the other expatriate that just arrived in the Tanah Deli, so in a short time he has become very rich. Until now the old historical building that was located in Kesawan area was the Tjong A Fie family’s residence, which was the first to be built in this region.

Crocodile Breeding and Conservation
The crocodile breeding and conservation located in the Medan Selayang sub district to be precise in the Asam Kumbang Village, approximately 10 km from the centre of Medan City. It opened for public every day from 09.00 to 17.00. In this garden we could see small crocodiles hatchlings to 25 years old crocodile. They lived in the swamp and in small basins. There are 2700 crocodiles which consist of down-stream crocodiles and swamp crocodiles. Some of these crocodiles are trained for some stunts as touruist attraction. The fee entrance to this garden is very cheap. You can entrance this garden by only pay for Rp 4.000 for adults and Rp 2.000 for child.

The Medan Zoo

The Medan Zoo was located in Bungan Rampe IV Street, Simalingkar B District, Medan Tungtungan Subdistrict, around 10 kilometers from the centre of the city. This zoo was opened in April 14 2005 by the Medan Mayor, Abdillah. This zoo has taken a lot of interest from the citizen. Around 1000 visitors visited this zoo each week ends. In working days, the number of visitors is approximately 150 visitors everytime days. One of the animal was the Sumatran Tiger of Panthera tigris sumatrae, only founds in Sumatran Island. The Sumatra tiger occupied in the low land forest, the mountainous and semi-mountainous forest, and in the swamp forest in Sumatran Island. It is estimated that there is only 400 to 500 tigers sub species Panthera tigris sumatrae that still inhabits in five of Indonesian wild life gardens in the Sumatran island, and was approximately 250 tigers that was maintained inside zoo worldwide.The Sumatran tiger had the darkest color between all the sub-species of the tiger. His black pattern was wide and closely patterned and occasionally doubled. The Sumatran tiger are different with the Siberian tiger with the striped front leg. The Sumatran tiger was the smallest tiger in the sub-species of the tiger. The Sumatran tiger male had 2.4 meters (8 foot) long from head to tail weighted 120 kilogram (264 pounds) with the height 90 centimeters. The Sumatran tiger female also measuring 2.2 meters (7 foot) long weighted 900 (198 pounds)

Kampung Nelayan

Kampung nelayan was built by the initiative of Pemda Kodati II Medan when Mr. H. Bachtiar Djafar was still incharge as walikotamadya KDH II Medan. And it officially opened by Mr. Ir. Akbar Tanjung in July 1 1993. Kampung nelayan was being built because they want to upgrade the quality of nelayan community lifes. Kampung nelayan becomes a place for recreation which is create in the river in front of nelayan house and can be rowed by sampan to the sea.

Toba Lake

Have you heard about Toba Lake? Haven’t? Oh my god, you can’t missed this place!! It’s such a beautiful place to go to see the beauty of the lake. Toba lake is a 100 kms x 30 kms volcanic lake in North Sumatra, Indonesia. In the middle of the lake there is a volcanic island which was named Samosir Island. Toba lake has become one of the main tourist attractions for a long time in North Sumatra, visited by both domestic and foreign tourist.

The fact of Toba lake is that Toba lake almost twice bigger than Singapore. Wow.. can you imagine that? Almost twice bigger than Singapore for just a lake? I know that you must be curious now. Find it true yourself just by visit Toba lake, see it and prove that this fact is either correct or incorrect.

Do you wanna know about the legend of The Toba lake?
Let me tell you…
Once upon a time, lived a young orphan farmer in the northern part of the Sumatran Island. This area was very dry. The young man lived from farming and fishing. One day he went fishing, he already fishing for half of the day but still not getting any fish yet. So he return home for the day turns to night, but when he nearly left he saw a big beautiful golden fish, he then caught the fish and brought it home. He intends to cook the fish right away but watching the beauty of this fish, he then cancelled his intention. He chose to keep it as pet, and then he placed it in a big pond and feed it. On the next day, like usual, he went to his farm, and on the noon he comeback home, to have lunch. But when he arrived in his house he was very startled for the meal had been prepared to be eaten. He then fears that the fish might be stolen, then hastily he run to the back of his house.

However, the fish was still in place, for a long time he thinks, “Who cooks those meals”, but because his is very hungry, he ate those meals. But this incident continued to occur again repeatedly, every time he came home for lunch, the meals are prepared on the table. Then one day this young man made a strategy to find out who cooks those meals, the next day he then began to commence his strategy, he then hide around the trees close to his house. He was waiting for a long time, but the smoke in his kitchen still has not been seen, and when he then intended to return home, he began to see the smoke in the kitchen
"Hey woman, who are you, and where are you came from?” the woman began to drop tears, and then the young man saw his fish was no longer in the pond.He asked the woman, “hey woman, where is the fish in that pond?” the Woman cried intensely, but this young man continued to ask and finally the woman answers, “I was the fish that was caught by you”.The young man then startled, but because he felt that he had hurt the feelings this woman, then he said, “Hey woman, did you want to become my wife??” the Woman then startled, he stay quiet, then the young man said “Why are you silent??”.Then the woman said, “I wanted to become your wife. But with one condition.”.”What is the condition?” the young man quickly asked, the woman then said, “In the future if our child was born and grew, never even once you said that he/she was anakni Dekke (child of a fish) ”.

The young man then agreed to that condition and swore he will never say it. Then they were married and granted a child. When the child was 6 years old, this child turn to be very naughty. Then one day the mother told her child to deliver meals to his father field, the child then went to deliver rice to his father. But in the middle of the trip, this child was felt hungry, then the child opened food package for his father, and ate the food. After finished eating, the child then wrapped it back and continued the trip to his father’s field. On arrival the child gave the food package to the father, the father was very happy, the father then sat and immediately opened the food package that was sent by his wife to be carried by his child.But he was very startled when he opened the package there are only bones remained. The father then asked his child “Hei my child, why there are only bones left in this package??“. And the child answers,”In my trip I felt hungry, so I ate the food.” Listened to that the father was very angry, he then slap his child and said ,"Botul maho anakni dekke (Why you child of a fish),".

The child is then ran home crying and ask to his mother “Mak, Olo do na in dokkon amangi, botul do au anakni dekke? (Mother, is it true what fathed said, that I am a child from a fish?) ” heard his child's words his mother was startled. While dropping tears and saying in her heart,“My husband has violated his swore, and now I must return to place.” Then the sky was suddenly become dark followed with lightning, thunder, storm, and rain. The child and the mother disappeared, from their footprint emerged a spring that flowed water as swiftly as possible. Until this area was turned into a lake, that was named as “Tuba Lake” the lake without mercy, but because of the bataks was difficult to say “Tuba”, then this lake was mentioned as TOBA LAKE.

According to the local Citizen, the mother return as a huge fish (the lake guardian), and until today no one is able to measure the depth of this lake. Many tourists that tried to dive into the lake but never return. The lake depth in the book is only estimation not as a fact

Samosir Island
If you already know about Toba lake, you have to also know The Samosir island which is located in the middle of Toba lake. When you go to Toba lake don’t forget to visit Samosir island. Samosir occupied a central geographical position in the Toba plateau region. With the declaration of the Toba Samosir regency

C’mon.. let’s move on to Berastagi. Berastagi is a recreation spot approximately 66 km from Medan city. Was located in the height around 4.594 feet from sea level and was surrounded by the mountains line, with cool breeze from the green wide beautiful agricultural fields. Berastagi is known with the nickname of “Marquisa & the sweet orange” city. It’s a popular mountain resort for weekend getaways, for Medan locals. About 1.5 hours drive from Medan. In berastagi you’ll enjoy charming scenery to the active mountain side, which are Sibayak mountain and Sinabung mountain. To climb Sibayak mountain require at least 3 hours trip and you could enjoy pretty scenery in these mountain or 3 to 4 hours trip in the forest to see the nature wealth inside, for both flora and fauna around this forest. I guarantee that you’ll get a great adventure in there. Because that what I feel when I go there. I feel like in another world. It’s been my pleasure to see such a beautiful view like that and I want to share it with you, so you can feel also what I felt.
Berastagi has the strategic location to become the stopping place, not just because several tourist attractions are easy to be accessed from here, but also the hotels are well provided. Hotels can be easily found with varying price, by offering the design typical to the locals. However the visitor still have the choice to choose the hotels and villas that historically were the legacy of colonial period。

Bukit Lawang
In Bukit Lawang we can see a lot of beautiful place that we’ll never forget. We can see oran utan eat or as people say as “ Watching organ utan eat “. The distance between Medan – Bukit lawang approximately 88 km. It’s need 2 hours if you go by car.

Cermin Beach
What is cermin beach? Cermin in english means mirror. So it must be beach that have a lot of mirror inside? Not so fast to guess.. cermin beach which is located approximately 55 km from Medan had a beautiful scenery, wild palm plantation whether the newly sprouts and there are some rice fields with railway in the middle of it. Beside that there is a fisheries. Supported by the 98 kilometers shorelines which passed five sub district. The production of land fisheries is 10.027 tons. The catfish and indigo fish was the fish that often to be bread in Cermin Beach. So if you visited Cermin Beach you can see cat fish and indigo fish seeding breeding. And Cermin beach also has a very beautiful scenery and we could swim or go fishing there.

The theme park is organized by Malaysia Investor and Local Government. Open on Mon, Wed, Thur and Fri (11.00 - 18.00) Sat, Sun and public holiday (09.00 - 18.00). Close on Tuesday, except public holiday. With admission fee: Mon, Wed, Thur and Fri ->Adult Rp. 40000,-Child Rp. 20000,- (below 1,1 meter)and Sat, Sun and public holiday Adult Rp. 60000,- Child Rp. 40000,- (below 1,1 meter). We can do Swimming, Sun Bathing, Kayaking, etc at there also.
We can go there by: Rental Car, Private Car. Or take Mini Bus (sudako) at Jl. MT. Haryono (in front of Medan Mall) and stop at Perbaungan city. Then take Machine Trishaw to the beach.

Lau Kawar Lake
Another beauty from Medan is Lau Kawar Lake, which is located in the Karo regency. The distance from Medan city is approximately 85 Km. There is a legend about Lau kawar lake. This is the legend..

The rice harvest season has arrived in the village of Kawar. The entire citizen was happy with the rice crops that had turned yellow and ripe. Likewise the Kawar village chief was definitely delighted since he had a very wide field. What the village chief hoped for now evidently was granted in this year. As the expression of gratitude to God, the Kawar Village chief held a party of Guro-Guro Aron Drum in his field for four day and four the night. The entire citizen was invited to that extraordinary party.

Because the invitation was send by the village chief no one dare to refuse the invitation except an old woman, the mother of the village chief. This woman was alone in the house, while all of her child and grandchild went to the party. Continuously some faint drum voices from time to time could be heard from her bed. Around midday the danced was stopped for lunch break. The village chief and the whole villagers were having luxurious and abundant lunch. Beef and goat as well as pig and chicken were served in the meals, everyone was full, satisfied and happy. But this was just the first day.

After resting for a moment, the dancing and singing was continued came guided by the village chief’s child. Strangely while dancing in the afternoon the village chief called his small child, apparently he remembered his mother who was left was alone and hungry at home. Rice with decent side dishes was prepared. The small child was told to deliver it his grandmother house. However unfortunate fate once again fell on the grandmother, he forgot to delivered the lunch in time, even food he should be delivering was opened by him in the middle of the road and all beef, goat, chicken, and pig was eaten until only the bones left and then the grandchild packed the bone into the original parcel.

Although the lunch was arrived very late on the afternoon but the grandmother still smile to her grandchild who came to bring the lunch. After delivering the lunch, the grandchild then returns the field immediately. Thus the old woman with great difficulty got up from the bed to eat. But when the parcel in opened the grandmother startled because there are only bones in it. For a long time the baffled grandmother gazed at the parcel, did not realized his tear fell wetted his wrinkled cheek. Indeed the grandmother’s fate was poor. The child whom she raised into a respected village chief has forgot his mother.The grandmother's conscience was very sad, disappointed and angry. She cried, and swore "I who give birth and raised you, till you have the respected position evidently you could not respect your own parents, this mother's milk as the witness my child, for that is swore” her tears continued to fell on her cheek. Not long afterwards the words of this unfortunate grandmother was granted, dark dew began to close the sky as the day got dark. Lightning and the thunder swarmed continuously. The whole citizen who was celebrating the party began to panic; moreover the rain began to pour down rapidly.

The party was ended instantly; the entire citizen ran looking for a sheltering place. But the rain does not care, the rain continuously poured down for seven day and seven the night, then suddenly a flood happened. The Kawar village that located precisely under the Sinabung Mountain Foot was sunk. Nothing could be saved. The Kawar village then became a lake, which today known as the Lau Kawar Lake.


Tongging was located approximately 112 km from medan city. There is a waterfall named Sipiso-piso that is located in here. The height of this waterfall is 360 foot. From this place we could enjoy picturesque scenery of Toba lake. The panorama indeed is very much enchanting. From the balcony of the two leveled guesthouse that was located in the south if this plateau, the visitor could witness the Toba lake and beautiful nature around. From this location tourist could see very beautiful scenery at the blue Toba lake surrounded with hills and mountains until surrounding the Samosir island. This typical panorama was even more beautified with the peak of the Sipiso-piso mountain and the Tongging waterfall on the left and right, that showed us an amazing panorama.

Do you wanna see the beauty of nature in Medan??
I’ll tell you where to go…

Sipiso-piso Waterfall (In Karo District)

The magical waterfalls flows out from a small ravine approximately 120 M down and goes further to Toba Lake. A magnificent panoramic view toward this northem part of Lake Toba namely Tao Silalahi.
Open : Everyday
Things to do : Enjoy the unique waterfall panorama, Taking Photo
How to get there : Rental Car, Private Car. Take Public Bus (Sinabung, Sutra, etc) at Jl. Letjend. Jamin Ginting then stop at Kaban Jahe. Take another public transport to go to Sipiso-Piso in Kaban Jahe bus station

Asahan Waterfall (At Asahan Regency)
Open : Everyday
Things to do : Enjoy the beautifull panorama with fresh air, Swimming, Taking Photo
How to get there : Rental car

Poncan Waterfall

Poncan Island Center, Tapanuli Regency
Open : everyday
Things to do : Enjoy the unique waterfall panorama, Swimming, Taking Photo
How to get there : Rental car, Private car, or Take Ferry from SIbolga City to Pocan Island

Aek Rangat

Samosir Regency
Open : everyday
Things to do : Sulphur Bathing
How to get there : Private car, Rental car

Lau Debuk-Debuk

Lau Debuk-Debuk Village,Karo Regency
The primary tourist attraction here is a hot spring. Its water contains sulphur which is good for curing skin problems. Sometimes there is a ritual ceremony at this place known as Erpangir Ku Lau (ritual bathing) aiming to clean the body from evil curses. It is located about 10 km from Berastagi and you can get there by public transportation

Open : Everyday
Admission : Rp. 2000
Things to do : Sulphur Bathing
How to get there : Rental Car, Private Car. Take Public Bus (Sinabung, Sutra, etc) at Jl. Letjend. Jamin Ginting then stop Lau Debuk-Debuk

Sipoholon Spring Water
Dolok Sanggul District, Humbang Hasundutan regency
Open : Everyday
Admission : Free
Things to do : Sulphur Bathing
How to get there : Rental car, Private car

Aek Sipangolu
(Water of Life)Baktiraja DistrictHumbang Hasundutan Regency
In the old days, there was a story about King Sisingamangaraja XII who once in a very long summer stabbedhis holy stick to the ground in order to get water to come out of it. The place is now becoming one of the most famus tourist objects in Humbang Hasundutan regency. Many of them believe that the water from this place could cure illness.

Open : Everyday
Admission : Free
Things to do : Learn the unique history and drink the water of Life
How to get there : Rental car, Private car

Parbubu Soda Water

Aek Siansimun Village, North Tapanuli Regency
Open : Everyday
Admission : Free
Things to do : Swimming
How to get there : Rental Car, Private Car. (15 Minutes from Tarutung City)

Aek Sipitudai

Sianjur Mula-Mula District, Samosir Regency
Aek Sipitudai means Spring wells with seven different taste.
Open : Everyday
Admission : Free
Things to do : Taste the 7 different wells
How to get there : Rental car, Private car (20 minutes from Tele View and 1 hour from Sidikalang City)

Need a recreation??

Mikie Holiday Theme Park

Jl. Peceren Brastagi, Karo Regency, North Sumatra - Indonesia

Phone : (62-628) 91533, 91624, 91650 Fax: (62-628) 91652
Open : Everyday
Things to do : Play time
How to get there : Taxi, Rental Car, Private Car, Public Bus (Sinabung, Sutra, etc)

Sembahe River (Sembahe Village - Deli Serdang Regency)

Open : Every Day (07.00 - 18.00)
Things to do : Swimming, Taking Photo
How to get there : Rental Car, Private Car.Take Public Bus (Sinabung, Sutra,etc)
at Jl. Letjend. Jamin Ginting then stop at Sembahe

Loknya River and Waterfall

Bandar Baru Village, Sibolangit District, Deli Serdang Regency

Open : Every Day (07.00 - 18.00)
Admission : Adult Rp. 2.000,- Child Rp. 1.000,-
Things to do : Swimming, Taking Photo
How to get there : Rental Car, Private Car. Take Public Bus (Sinabung, Sutra, etc) at Jl. Letjend. Jamin Ginting then stop at Sibolangit. There is Loknya sign board and You just walk in follow the information board.

Siatas Barita Holy Journey

Siatas Barita Hill, North Tapanuli Regency
Siatas Barita Holy Journey area where the Cross of Love located is fully decorated by pine trees. This well-taken care place is increasing the amount of its visitors every year. Theatrical shape chairs and pray houses were provided for the visitors to pray and listen to the priest's speech.
Open : Everyday
Things to do : Holy Journey, Taking Photo
How to get there : Private car, rental car

Dairi Holy Park

Dairi Regency
Open : Everyday
Things to do : Holy Journey, Pray
How to get there : Rental car, Private car

Dewi Recreation Park

Bandar Baru Village, Sibolangit District, Deli Serdang Regency
Open : Everyday
Admission : Adult Rp. 5000,- Child Rp. 3000
Things to do : Enjoy the beautifull panorama with fresh air, Swimming, Taking Photo
How to get there : Rental Car, Private Car.Take Public Bus (Sinabung, Sutra, etc) at Jl. Letjend. Jamin Ginting then stop at Bandar Baru

Kelang Beach

Serdang Bedagai District
Open : Every day (09.00 - 17.00)
Things to do : Swimming, Sun Bathing, Eat Fresh Sea Food, Fishing, Speed Boating
How to get there : Rental Car, Private Car.Take Mini Bus (sudako) at Jl. MT. Haryono (in front of Medan Mall) and stop at Perbaungan city. Then take Machine Trishaw to the beach.

Kuala Putri Beach

Kuala Lama Village, Pantai Cermin District, Serdang Bedagai Regency
Open : Every day (08.00 - 17.00)
Admission : Adult Rp. 1500,- /personChild Rp. Free
Things to do : Swimming, Sun Bathing, Eat Fresh Sea Food, Fishing
How to get there : Rental Car, Private Car.Take Mini Bus (sudako) at Jl. MT. Haryono (in front of Medan Mall) and stop at Perbaungan city. Then take Machine Trishaw to the beach.

History Beach

Perupuk Village, Lima Puluh District, Asahan Regency
Open : Every day (09.00 - 17.00)
Things to do : Swimming, Sun Bathing, Eat Fresh Sea Food, Fishing, Speed Boating
How to get there : rental car, Private car

Do you like a challenge?

Like to pump up your adrenaline? there are some things in Sumatera that can pump up your adrenaline like rafting, kayaking, diving, snorkeling, and surfing. There is a place to go if you want to do that.


Gunung Leusar National Park
Brastagi is a good base from which to explore Karo Batak villages, throughjungle trekking in Gunung Leuser National Park . The park is one of the largestnational park in Asia. It cover more than 7750 sq km and protect more than 100different animals, including rhinoceros, elephant, tiger & orangutan and at least300 spieces of birds.


Asahan River

Sungai Asahan is according to professional rafters is one of the best rivers for white water sports in the world and maybe the most beautiful of them all. Asahan is a tough rafting river. The dams of PT. Inalum make the water flow constant, approximately. 100-130 cubic meters per second.

The part used for rafting have been graded to 3-4. the other parts are very dangerous. Rivers are normally graded on a scale from 1-6 where grade 1 is moving water and grade 6 is extremely high risk. Grade 4 is the highest acceptable for commercial rafting. The Asahan river was discovered as a rafting river in the beginning of the 90’s, however not yet known by many. Asahan is a firsty class river for experienced kayakckers, but maybe too wild for commercial kayaking

There are three alternative stretches for rafting in Asahan river. First part, called The Upper Run, starts below the dam of the Inalum plant and ends at the bridge Parhitean, 3 km down river. It is a 20 minutes continuous white water stretch graded 4-5. It is recommended for advanced to expert paddlers. Second part is called The Hula-Huli Run, starts at the bridge and goes down to Hula-huli 2 km downstream. It takes 20 minutes. It is graded 3-4. The third stretch, called The Lower Run starts in the end of the Honeymoon Canyon near Batu Mamak and goes all through incredibly beautiful canyons. The stretch has 2 long rapids and some shorter ones, graded 3-4. The starting pint can only be reached by walking 30 minutes.

Bahorok River

This is river which is flows through Bukit Lawang is not big enough for rafting, but good enough for kayaking. In this river is an easy rafting for the beginners. The first 30 minutes of the stretch has several easy rapids, nice surroundings and also a hot spring.


Berhala Island

Berhala island is a beautiful 5 hectare big rock island in the Malacca Straits. The only people here are the staff pf a navy post and a lighthouse. The sea is clear, but can be influenced by currents, tide and weather. A lot of divers in Medan go here regularly and diving here, execpt for September to January when the waves are big.
We can clearly said that this island has the best diving situation in all of North Sumatera. The island is hilly and covereed with virgin forest, nice for small treks. And if you like camping, this place is the right place for you to go, you can built your tend in here and camp.

Pocan Gadang Island

Pocan gadang island is a beautiful island near Sibolga with a nice star rated hotel. The hotel also offers many water sport, including diving trips and a relaxing atmosphere, and a nice view towards the Sibolga waterfront. There is a hill behind the resort with nice views and a Japanese made cave. The drawback is its closeness to Sibolga making the water less inviting. They arrange tours to their island of Pulau Mursala, Pulau Putih, where there are five bungalows. In this resort, diving equipment is also available.

Batu Islands (Tello Island)

This island have a very huge area and it’s extremely beautiful and probably the best place for beach lovers in Medan. One could easily spend two months here just travelling around and enjoying a unique area. This archipelago has 101 islands right on the equator. And this island also can be used for surfing. If you want to surf here the best surfing is from May/June to Sepetember. But you have to bring your own equipment, because there are no surfboards for rent.


Lagundi and Sorake

Lagundi is the wold famous island for it’s long and perfect wave for surf. The best season is normally June-July, sometimes until October. During this season the surfing is further out and surfers access through a passage in the reef called the keyhole. There is also an International competitions in here and it have been held regularly since 1993. you can see a professional surf in here when the competition is being started.

There is a nice surf observation tower in front of Dolin's. Boards for rent are available in several places. For those who never have tried surfing there are surf instructors available.

Pantai Afulu

Afulu is yet another secret surfing spots. There are good left hand side reef breaks, near Pantai Afulu, app 1 km from Darius' accommodation in Afulu. The best season is probably March-April. The beach Pantai Afulu is very nice. It is only a 200m walk from the only accommodation in Afulu. The surfing is at one end of this beach

Where to eat?

As mentioned before, Medan is well known for its delicious food.
Here are some places that serve you high quality food:

Obonk Steak Restaurant
- Located at Krakatau Street & Pattimura Street
- Serves lot varieties of steak, salad and fried rice
- The price is affordable

Merdeka Walk
- Located at at Lapangan Merdeka
- The hottest hangout place in town, cafe, resto, exhibition, entertainment
- Merdeka Square Jl. Balaikota Medan 20111 North Sumatra - IndonesiaPhone: (62-61) 4570010 Fax: (62-61) 4570100
- Merdeka Walk is the first Tensile Structure (Alfresco Outdoor Concept) in Indonesia. It is the hottest place to hangout in Medan City with cafe, Resto, exhibition and Entertainment
- Open Monday - Friday (11.00 - 24.00), weekend (11.00-02.00)

Kesawan Square
- Located along Ahmad Yani street, before Merdeka Walk
- The newest food court in the center of Medan is Kesawan Square, a street which is closed to vehicles after sunset. Many kinds of Indonesian, Western and Chinese cuisine are available, as well as stalls selling various items and a large Karaoke screen. It is very busy on weekend, especially Friday and Saturday nights
- Offers unique atmosphere for pleasure
- Open only @ 6pm til' 1am everyday
- Numerous vendors provide various kinds of cuisine, the majority of which are Chinese. Each vendor has "halal" or "non halal" label on their stand. However, the toilet facilities provided in the area are abysmal.
Mansyur Avenue
- Used to be a hang-out place for USU students,
- Lining with new cafe and restaurants which serves great food with student price

Tip Top Restaurant
- Located in Ahmad Yani street,
- Reminds us used to the Dutch colonization
- Serves the ox-tongue sandwich and the bitter-ballen

The Traders
- Serves great food at reasonable prices (for westerners)
- Classy atmosphere and tasty wine.
Selat Panjang , Sumatera Streets and Semarang Streets
- Serves:
a. Mie pangsit tiong-sim (noodle served with stuffed dumplings)
b. Kwetiau goreng (wok-fried Chinese rice-fetucinne)
c. Pokpiah (Singapore-style vegetable-stuffed dumpling) and many more.

Mie Aceh Titi Bobrok
- The most popular local dish in Medan
- Serves a simple dish of noodle served with chili sauce and crab

Ondo Batak Grill
- Taste the to taste the hot pora-pora (a dish of sauteed papaya and cassava leaves cooked in coconut gravy and rawit chili)
- Set in cafe-like ambience and accompanied by non-stop jazz music

- Known as the famous local Padang restaurant
- Well known for its rendang (Padang-style beef dish cooked slowly in coconut gravy and chili) and ayam pop (Padang-style chicken dish cooked in coconut gravy)

Lontong Sayur Kak Lin
- Located in Cik Di Tiro Street
- Serves tasty and cheap lontong sayur (rice cakes in hot vegetables curry)
- Well known as Medan local dish

Cahaya Baru Indian Restaurant
- Located in Cik Di Tiro Street
- Well known for the North-Indian as Medan's best kept secrets
- Serves endless choices of delicious vegetarian and curry dish

Pagaruyung Alley
- Located at Medan's "little india" or refered as "kampung keling" by locals
- Serves Indian and Indonesian cuisine
- Well known for satay (chicken, lamb, liver, intestine, etc.) , fried rice and Martbak Telur (egg pancake topped with diced potatoes, and onions, often served with curry).
- Open in the morning till 2 a.m

Kebab Turki - http://www.kebabturki.com.
- Located at merdeka walk
- Kebab turki small stand near the pizza hut restaurants
- Serves tasty meat in tortilla roll
- Well known for Kebab with Egg or Cheese

Other cafes:
1. O’ Flaherty’sJl. Padang Golf Medan
2. The TradersJl. Kapt. Patimura No. 423, MedanPhone: 962 - 61) 4531881
3. Music CafeMedan Mall, 4th FloorMedan
4. MPS CafeDeli Plaza , Medan
5. La SalvadorJl. S.Parman No. 40/308, MedanPhone: (62 - 61) 4521178

Where to shop?
Afraid for feeling bored in Medan? Don’t worry! Besides providing you with historical building, Medan also provides you with fascinating shopping centre! So, prepare yourself, get set, and GO..!!

Sun plaza
Jl. H. Zainul Arifin No. 7 Medan 20152North SumatraIndonesiaPhone: (62-61) 4501000Fax: (62-61) 4501888

Plaza Medan Fair
Jl. Gatot Subroto No. 30 Medan 20113North Sumatra - IndonesiaPhone: (62-61) 4141888Fax: (62-61) 4141388

Mall Grand Palladium
Jl. Kapten Maulana Lubis No. 8 Medan 20112 North SumatraIndonesia

Plaza Yang Lim
Jl. Emas No. 1 Medan 20214North Sumatra - Indonesia Phone: (62-61) 7333738

Binjai Supermall
Jl. Pingpong No. 1 Binjai CityNorth Sumatra - Indonesia

Jl. Raden SalehMedan North SumatraIndonesia

Pasar Ramai (Crowded Market)
Jl. Asia MedanNorth Sumatra - Indonesia

Where To Stay?

a. Brastagi Hotels:

Mikie Holiday Hotel
Jl. Peceren, Brastagi, North Sumatra
Phone : (62 - 628) 91533, (62 - 628) 91624, (62 - 628) 91650
Fax : (62 - 61) 4550555
Direct Fax : (62 - 628) 91652
Email : info@mikieholiday.com; reservations@mikieholiday.com

Grand Mutiara Hotel
Berastagi, North Sumatra
Phone : (62 - 628) 91555

Sibayak International Hotel
Jl.Merdeka, Brastagi - 22151, North Sumatra
Phone : (62 - 628) 91301
Fax : (62 - 628) 91307

Brastagi Cottage
Jl. Gundaling No. 65, Brastagi - 22151, North Sumatra
Phone : (62 - 628) 91345
Fax : (62 - 628) 91726

Sinabung International Hotel
Jl. Kolam Renang, Brastagi, North Sumatra
Phone : (62 - 628) 91400, (62 - 628) 91401, (62 - 628) 91402
Fax : (62 - 628) 91300

Rudang Hotel

Jl. Sempurna No. 16, Brastagi, North Sumatra

Phone : (62 - 628) 91348

b. Toba Lake Hotels

Niagara Hotel
Jl. Pembangunan No. 1, Prapat - 21174, North Sumatra
Phone : (62 - 625) 41068, (62 - 625) 41008

Danau Toba Cottage
Prapat - 21174, North Sumatra

Natour Prapat Hotel
Jl. Marihat No. 1, Prapat - 21174, North Sumatra
phone : (62 - 625) 41012, (62 - 625) 81018
fax : (62 - 625) 41019

c. Medan Hotels:

Danau Toba Int’l Hotel
Jl. Imam Bonjol No. 17Medan - 20152, North Sumatra
Phone : (62 - 61) 4157000
Fax : (62 - 61) 4530553
Tiara Medan Hotel
Jl. Cut Mutia, medan - 20152, North Sumatra
Phone : (62 - 61) 4574000, (62 - 61) 4519414
Toll Free : 0 800 140 1000 (Ind)
Fax : (62 - 61)4510176

Novotel Soechi Medan
Jl. Cirebon No. 76 A, Medan - 20211, North Sumatra
Phone : (62 - 61) 4561234
Fax : (62 - 61) 4572222

Emerald Garden Int’l Hotel

Jl. K.L. Yos Sudarso No. 1Medan - 20235, North Sumatra

Phone : (62 -61) 6611888

Fax : (62 -61) 6622888

Garuda Plaza Hotel

Jl. Sisingamangaraja No. 18, Medan - 20213, North Sumatra
Phone : (62 - 61) 7361111
Toll Free : 0 800 140 1007 (Ind)Fax: (62 - 61) 7364411

Antares Indonesia Hotel
Phone : (62 - 61) 7324000
Fax : (62 - 61) 7323000
Pardede Int’l Hotel
Jl. Ir. H. Juanda No. 14, Medan - North Sumatra
Phone : (62 - 61) 4143866Fax: (62 - 61) 4153675

Waiyat Hotel

Jl. Asia No. 44, Medan - 20214, North Sumatra

Phone : (62 - 61) 7368575, (62 - 61) 7368975

Fax : (62 - 61) 7341318

Sri Deli Hotel

Jl. Sisingamangaraja No. 30, Medan - 20213, North Sumatra

Phone : (62 - 61) 7368387, (62 - 61) 7321689

Coming soon in Medan!
a. Grand Deli City Shopping Hotel Office Convention Condominiums
The Grand Deli City is situated on the previous property of the 3 shopping buildings of Deli Plaza, Sinar Plaza and Menara Plaza on a 5 hectar land.

Jakarta Developer plan to build The Grand Deli City in 2008, by using superblock concept.

The Grand Deli City will absolutely be the largest and most complete shopping complex in Medan that consists of:
1. Shopping Mall
2. Condominium Apartment (3 Towers)
3. 4 star Hotel - 1 Tower
4. Office Building
5. Convention Trade Center

They also plan to provide a 24 hour night cafe near the river. Isn’t that nice?

FYI, by 2010, Medan will be crowded with lots of options for accomodation, such as international hotels. So, you will will be spoiled for choice in choosing which hotels to stay.
And as we know, the Polonia airport is planned to move to Kuala Namu, therefore, hotels will be in demand since residents from sub-urbans may need to overnight in Medan. So, what are you waiting for? Come and visit Medan!

b. JW Marriot Medan Hotel
The 26 storey building –which will be a new icon in Medan- is situated near the three plazas of Sinar Menara Deli Plaza, and it will be opening soon along with many other 5 stars hotel in 2008.

Facilities offered in JW Marriott Medan (268 Rooms), Indonesia - Completion year 2008:
Ballroom - 2000 Persons
Meeting Rooms
Pool Kitchen & Bar
Western Fine Dining (Grill Room)) - 100 Persons
Chinese Restaurant- 100 Persons
All Day Dining & Bar - 250 Persons
Club Lounge - 60 Persons
Staff Cafeteria
Bakery / Pastry
Full Laundry

Other hotels opening soon in Medan are:
a. Aryaduta Hotel managed by the
Grand Hyatt located at the Grand Palladium shopping complex due to open this year.
b. Aston Medan Hotel
c. Swiss Bel Hotel in Cambridge Mall and Condominiums

Medan must buy

a. Dried Fruits with sugar on Pasar Rame, a famous morning till afternoon market,beside Thamrin Plaza.

b. Bolu Meranti (Famous roll cake from Medan)
Located Jl. Kruing, near Jl. Meranti, on Petisah area. The home- made rollcakes with varies taste, cheese, blueberry, mocca.

c. Bika Ambon & Marquisa
Located at Jl. Majapahit, on Petisah area. With numbers of shops along thestreet there, you can do the selection.
d. Batak & Tapanuli Handicrafts
Thick cotton hand-woven cloth for sarongs, headdress and stoles. Also available are wood carved panels, wall decorations and statues fromSamosir and Nias, mainly of a primitive style. There are also accessoriesmade of sea-shells, boar tusks and buffalo horn.

e.Kacang (Peanuts) Sihobuk Martabe
Genuine peanuts from Sihobuk Village, Tarutung, North Sumatera.
f. Durian Medan
Durian (Smelly Fruit) is very famous from Medan, with their smell and their taste. Their prices also cheaper than Durian Jakarta The price of supersized Durian in Medan is between Rp. 4.000,- till Rp. 10.000,- each, in theirseason. But if not in their season, the price can reachto Rp. 15.000,-. TheDurian is from Sibolga, Bahorok, Nias, and Aceh…
You can get it at Jalan Sumatera, Jalan Semarang and Jalan Adam Malik. You can get cheaper price on July and December (when the season comes)
North Sumatra has a lot of durian fields like; Sibolangit, Brastagi, Langkat, Sidikalang ,Siborong-borong, Tarutung, Sibolga, Nias, Padang Sidempuan, Lima Puluh, Perbaungan, etc.
g. Terong Belanda Juice
Mostly come from Karo highland. We can buy it freshly and make it intojuice at home or just buy a ready-made juice itself. Usually can be mixedwith marquisa (passion fruit) juice, to become Martabe(Marquisa TerongBelanda) Juice. Average price Rp 10.000,00
h. Emping Crackers
Most of it is fair coloured but at one place they had a spicy and sweetishversion - which is liked chilli sauced based. it was delicious. You can alsobuy uncooked ones to take home to fry.

i. Avocado
Brown-green fruit, usually can be mixed with milk and chocolate and become juice. Taste delicious! Average price Rp 10.000

And last but not least, here’s some tips for you before you visit our Medan!
Unintentionally, our baggages may be mis-handled, our bags may be stolen with all important documents inside, pick-pocketed and etc.

So, IF this really happens to you, just stay calm, and follow this tip, you will save lots of time to solve your problem:

You have to scan and save all your important documents such as passports, credit card details (not your passwords), driving licenses, air tickets and hotel information and send it to your own email address. Make sure the email address you use can be accessed anywhere (with just an internet connection)
What you can do is use the services of free
file hosting service that allows you to upload your files to their servers for Free and they will provide you with a link to your uploaded files that will be sent to your email address.

By doing so, you will save lots of time getting in and out of embassies to replace passports and visas, trouble and money to make sure you get back home in time safely.

Medan’s agenda 28 - 30 Mar 2008
Deep Indonesia 2008Indonesia 2nd International Diving, Adventure Travel & Water Sports ExhibitionHall A - Jakarta Convention Center

Our Poem 'bout fantastic Medan!

Hanya di Medan

By : Jeannie & Diana

Medan, dahulu namamu jarang disebut
Dahulu namamu jarang di dengar
Orang orang bertanya apakah medan itu?
Medan perangkah yang dimaksud?
Tentu saja bukan. Medan, Kau adalah kotaku yang tercinta.

Berjuta-juta orang tak mengetahui keindahan mu
Berjuta-juta orang tak mengerti apa yang ada dibalik dirimu
Namun, sekali pesonamu terpancar
Membuat orang-orang kagum tak berdecak
Harta karun yang selama in tersembunyi didalammu
Keindahan alam bak permata yang bersinar
Membuatmu terang seperti cahaya mentari.

Medan, begitu banyak harta karun yang diam-diam tersimpan di dalammu
Begitu besar pesonamu
Begitu indah menawan cahayamu

Kau mempunyai berjuta-juta kenangan
Kau mempunyai berjuta-juta keindahan alam
Kau membuatku kagum
Kau membuatku terpesona
Kau memiliki segala-galanya

Keindahan alam
Tempat-tempat bersejarah
Pantai yang yang mempesona
Air terjun yang mengalir bagaikan air mata sang dewi.
Pepohonan yang mendayu-dayu bagaikan nyanyian permaisuri
Dan semua itu hanya ada di Medan

Sekarang sinarmu telah terpancar
Cahayamu telah menyinari seluruh bumi
Seluruh dunia telah mengetahuimu Medan, Kota ku yang tercinta.

Song bout Medan, by Awie (Indonesian artist)

Di Medan Ini

Di medan ini zahirku layu

Jasad kaku dibelenggu

Jalur nadi masih kukuh

Janji setia tidak luntur

Di medan ini bakti disandang

Korbanku untuk maruah

Teguhkan azam nusa

Agar generasiku terbela

Jejakku tinggalkan

untuk kau teruskan

Bangkitkanku dalam perjuanganmu

Mencantas noda

Bara semangatku

Bara semangatmu

Merintis cinta

Di medan ini gemilang persada

Hamparkan jati diri

Gemparkan pada mereka

Kita mampu teguhkan

Lambang merdeka

Laungkan semboyan

Seru gempur perwira

Walau gugur kubasahkan darah

Dengan ikhlas

Sumpah hidup wira bangsa

Juangkan cita

Bebaskan nusa


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